IoT in Smart City Product Solutions

The Silicon Halton IoT Peer2Peer is focused on helping members collaborate, share, and learn how IoT is changing industry, and how they can benefit in taking their solutions / products to market.  Learn more about the IoT Peer2Peer >

This month’s discussion topic: IoT and Smart City product solutions.  We’ll be discussing the design and development process of innovative IoT solutions and the role that they will play in improving our future.

Presenter: Nathan Nandhakumaran from Aversan Labs. AversanLabs is an embedded hardware and software development house with a focus on full IoT solutions and Smart City product development. their products address issues with home and building infrastructure, energy consumption, and management of city infrastructure in order to develop sustainable solutions. With legacy expertise in embedded systems development and testing, AversanLabs has the tools to help customers bring their innovative ideas to the global market.

The IoT Peer2Peer is open to: Silicon Halton members and Milton Education Village Innovation Centre members.

Closed for the Civic Holiday

The MEV Innovation Centre will be closed on Monday, August 6, 2018 to observe the Civic Holiday.  We will be back at 8:30 am on Tuesday, August 7.

Meetup #97: Blockchain – Changing The World Around Us

“The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.” – Don Tapscott.

Blockchain technology has been hailed as everything from the renaissance of money to the new internet. Early adopters are looking for ways to apply the technology, with use cases currently focused on financial services at the industry level, and even in terms of new forms of governance at the discipline level. This meetup aims to present an overview of this fascinating technology. Continue reading

IoT Peer2Peer Planning Session

Shape the future of the Internet of Things Peer2Peer
group by joining the discussion on Friday September 8, 2017
from 9:00 am to 10:30 am. Use the opportunity to discuss the scope
of the group and get your ideas heard!

2017 Halton Futures

Please mark your calendars and save the date to attend the 2017 Halton Futures Innovation Summit on October 17 at the Oakville Conference Centre. The advancement of technology is affecting the delivery of healthcare services and addressing complex problems with innovative solutions. Continue reading

The Rise of Robotics & Automation in the Supply Chain

One of the biggest challenges facing the logistics industry today is labor availability. It’s not easy for companies around the world to find enough high-quality employees to move goods from suppliers to customers.

Two competing factors are making this especially difficult: The first is an increasing need for more logistics workers and this is being driven by the e-commerce revolution and its need for more parcel shipments; the second is a decline in the size of the available workforce. Up until now, robotics technology has not made a large impact in the world of logistics.

Join us on January 19th at 8:00 am and learn about how this is changing as advanced robots enter our warehouses, sorting centers, and even help with final-mile delivery. Logistics workers will benefit from collaborating with robots, while customers will see faster service and higher quality.

Venture 40+: Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Are you, too old to hire…too young to retire, unemployed, under employed or exploring what to do in your next chapter?  Come out and join us for a free seminar Thursday evening titled, Venture 40+: Aspiring Entrepreneurs. Mike Kennedy, positive aging coach and Huffington Post blogger, will be discussing why he believes that entrepreneurial start-ups are the best option for most who find themselves in these circumstances.


  • There is no ageism when you are the boss
  • Take back control of your life and career
  • Turn the table on an underfunded retirement


Please register in advance as seating is limited.

Why employees stay

Silicon Halton recently held one of their regular monthly meetups at Milton Education Village Education Centre. The evening’s theme was What Large Tech Companies Look For In Candidates Today – Panel Q&A. Ahead of this meetup, Silicon Halton published a 5-question survey. One question was:

Select the top two reasons why you remain with your current employer

The primary reason employees remain with their current employer is due to the type of work they do.

We surveyed 50 people (approx.) and asked them to select the top two reasons why they remain with their current employer. We learned that they find significant personal value in the type of work they do at the company. In far second place is the monetary benefits, followed closed by their Manager; we didn’t expect these last two reasons to trail the Type of Work by a magnitude of order.

In the tech sector, there is a lot of pressure and anxiety on employers to provide ever-increasing retention perks: gym memberships, foosball tables, free meals, Espresso Mondays or remote-working. Clearly however, the driving retention factor is ensuring your staff are doing fulfilling work, work they want to do.

The challenge with a “the type of work” retention strategy is it’s very individualized and doesn’t scale. It requires excellent people managers. Maybe Google has it right with their practice to deliberately take power and authority over employees away from managers. In the book Work Rules, written by the then VP HR, the common attributes by high scoring managers at Google are:

    1. Be a good coach
    2. Empower the Team and do not micromanage
    3. Express interest/concern for team members’ success and personal well-being
    4. Be very productive / results oriented
    5. Be a good communicator – listen and share information
    6. Help the team with career development
    7. Have a clear vision / strategy for the team
    8. Have important technical skills that help advise the team (least important, but  essential)


About Silicon Halton: The grassroots high tech community in Halton Region focused on Technology, Community, and Growth. They help tech professionals grow professionally, they help Tech companies grow their businesses. They do this via great meetups, pitch and demo nights, engaged Peer2Peer groups, workshops and a vibrant LinkedIn community. One example is the Sr. Human Resources Roundtable, helping senior HR Managers from large local tech companies make better quality decisions, faster.


About the Author: Rick Stomphorst is the President of SearchVelocity. SearchVelocity helps tech companies identify and hire A-players. SearchVelocity’s specialty is complex assignments, roles requiring multiple technologies, skills and/or business vertical knowledge. Rick brings 25+ years of broad experience working at software companies and IT professional consulting firms, more than half of these years as hiring management of technical staff. We can help you find the right people. Rick is also a proud co-founder of Silicon Halton.