Looking in the Rear View Mirror

Well, there’s no going back – only forward.

Atrium Ceiling Removed

Atrium Ceiling Removed

As renovations at the MEV Innovation Centre get underway, it’s interesting to observe that when one replaces an old item with a new item, it leads to a series of everything becoming new.  Somehow, what once was simply won’t do anymore.  Looking in the rear view mirror, we see what was a dated building is now one with the ceiling removed and replaced, the old flooring is out and the new is on order, and the fresh paint is already being applied.  And, what a difference these few steps already make!

Atrium Painting Fresh Colours

Atrium Painting Fresh Colours

As we focus on the future, we see that Milton is offering an alternative to employment growth that better positions Milton to capture office demand to match the local talent pool.  The MEV and the MEV Innovation Centre are two development types which, in combination, will be complementary and provide a place for the business community to self-identify, to foster a business ecosystem, and ultimately facilitate an evolution or sophistication in employment diversity and demand for office use.  Diversity within the employment base, including office uses, becomes increasing important for comprehensive planning and implementation of the future MEV and Derry Green Business Park.

So, what’s so innovative about this innovation centre?

The innovation centre concept is well established and a widely accepted model within economic development strategy.  The innovative part is not the building per se, but rather the outcome of the ideas and businesses which happen as a result of entrepreneurial people coming together in a collaborative work space environment.  The support system provides access to resources, mentoring, networking, education and training, which greatly improve Milton’s path to success.

What’s the Town’s role in the innovation centre?

Through the Economic Development function, the Town is leading the partnership among government, business and the private sector, along with community stakeholders, to be a catalyst and build on momentum for our citizens who represent the idiom ‘Knowledge Lives Here’.

We can’t wait to see what adventures lay ahead as we build our road to the future, and let the knowledge that lives here come together in a collaborative work environment, to generate ideas, innovate and make business happen.

Innovation: Milton’s Base Camp for Knowledge

Milton is Canada’s fastest growing urban community and among the most talented in North America, with three quarters of our work-aged population having obtained post-secondary education.  Much of Milton’s fabric is made up of young, educated, entrepreneurial individuals, the bulk of whom are between 25 and 44 years old, speaking 85 different languages across our global village.  We have energy and ideas, and yes, we are proud to boast that five families move into Milton each day!

We have vision, a plan for Milton, as we move from concept to implementation in our newest venture – the Milton Education Village Innovation Centre.

The Milton Education Village (MEV) is envisioned to be a 400-acre (160 hectare) comprehensively planned neighbourhood, integrating post-secondary education, residential, commercial and recreational uses, alongside a biosphere reserve – the Niagara Escarpment.  Plans for the MEV include an innovation centre, a local initiative dedicated to enabling an entrepreneurial culture for business start-up, incubation, intersection for innovation, education and training.

Like a ‘base camp’ for much bigger things to come, we are building a transitional space for the innovation centre at 555 Industrial Drive as an early experience to the MEV.  This is a beginning, an early step towards building a place for knowledge to gather, collaborate and to define ourselves in growth.

The future is bright; join us in the making of the innovation centre for Milton.  More details to be added, as we move from concept to implementation with an open house announcement this fall.  The intake process, including applications for business in residence, will begin in 2014.