Why employees stay

Silicon Halton recently held one of their regular monthly meetups at Milton Education Village Education Centre. The evening’s theme was What Large Tech Companies Look For In Candidates Today – Panel Q&A. Ahead of this meetup, Silicon Halton published a 5-question survey. One question was:

Select the top two reasons why you remain with your current employer

The primary reason employees remain with their current employer is due to the type of work they do.

We surveyed 50 people (approx.) and asked them to select the top two reasons why they remain with their current employer. We learned that they find significant personal value in the type of work they do at the company. In far second place is the monetary benefits, followed closed by their Manager; we didn’t expect these last two reasons to trail the Type of Work by a magnitude of order.

In the tech sector, there is a lot of pressure and anxiety on employers to provide ever-increasing retention perks: gym memberships, foosball tables, free meals, Espresso Mondays or remote-working. Clearly however, the driving retention factor is ensuring your staff are doing fulfilling work, work they want to do.

The challenge with a “the type of work” retention strategy is it’s very individualized and doesn’t scale. It requires excellent people managers. Maybe Google has it right with their practice to deliberately take power and authority over employees away from managers. In the book Work Rules, written by the then VP HR, the common attributes by high scoring managers at Google are:

    1. Be a good coach
    2. Empower the Team and do not micromanage
    3. Express interest/concern for team members’ success and personal well-being
    4. Be very productive / results oriented
    5. Be a good communicator – listen and share information
    6. Help the team with career development
    7. Have a clear vision / strategy for the team
    8. Have important technical skills that help advise the team (least important, but  essential)


About Silicon Halton: The grassroots high tech community in Halton Region focused on Technology, Community, and Growth. They help tech professionals grow professionally, they help Tech companies grow their businesses. They do this via great meetups, pitch and demo nights, engaged Peer2Peer groups, workshops and a vibrant LinkedIn community. One example is the Sr. Human Resources Roundtable, helping senior HR Managers from large local tech companies make better quality decisions, faster.


About the Author: Rick Stomphorst is the President of SearchVelocity. SearchVelocity helps tech companies identify and hire A-players. SearchVelocity’s specialty is complex assignments, roles requiring multiple technologies, skills and/or business vertical knowledge. Rick brings 25+ years of broad experience working at software companies and IT professional consulting firms, more than half of these years as hiring management of technical staff. We can help you find the right people. Rick is also a proud co-founder of Silicon Halton.