Meetup #94: Start Attracting the Right Tech Talent with Re-engineered Job Postings

August2017 JobDescriptions

August 8, 2017 | 7pm – 9pm | Milton Education Village Innovation Centre, Milton

September is the busiest hiring month of the year. Are your job descriptions ready to attract the right candidate?

Finding the right people to hire is hard. But for many tech companies – it get’s harder because the job descriptions don’t inspire, don’t attract, and don’t convert into interested candidates.

Join us on August to learn how to understand:

  • The elements of a great job description in 2017
  • How to write the job description so you will attract the audience you want
  • How candidates read job descriptions (the good the bad the ugly)
  • What makes a job description authentic and real
  • What makes the right candidates apply


Stomphorst Avatar 2014Rick Stomphorst. President of, providing recruitment services to technology companies, start-ups and recruitment firms to identify and acquire high-value tech staff for their complex staffing requirements. Rick is also a Co-Founder of Silicon Halton. @StompR