MEV Innovation Centre’s collaborative ecosystem kick starts new tech partnership

The MEV Innovation Centre, Milton’s local innovative ecosystem, focuses on creating opportunities for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses in a flexible workspace that supports growth and innovation.

Responsive Consulting Inc., one of the MEV Innovation Centre’s tenants, shares Milton’s vision to grow the knowledge-based industry. The company fosters innovative technology and its presence in the local community by incubating and mentoring technology startups to get their concepts to market. Responsive Consulting specializes in business consulting, customized software development, databases, ERPs, cloud solutions and mobile and web applications.

Bringing partners together

Entrepreneur Nikki Yashpal had a business idea and needed to partner with a software development company to help bring her idea to life. Through networking, she came across the MEV Innovation Centre and was introduced to Responsive Consulting.  She found the space, support and expertise she was looking for to build her tech startup.

Over the next 12 weeks, Responsive Consulting and Nikki are teaming up to develop her software idea, a project management tool for the car dealership industry. With Responsive Consulting’s agile development methodology and the MEV Innovation Centre’s business advisory services, Nikki expects to bring her application to market in a few short months.

Stay tuned for the product launch and learn about this new, innovative technology later this summer.

Start and grow your business in Milton

As a regional hub and an ecosystem for innovation, the MEV Innovation Centre provides a collaborative environment where entrepreneurs like Nikki, and small businesses like Responsive Consulting, work together to grow their businesses.

If you’re looking for a collaborative working space to start and grow your business, visit the MEV Innovation Centre today.