Take advantage of the many resources the MEV Innovation Centre has to offer.

Milton Chamber of Commerce

The Milton Chamber of Commerce is a key participant in shaping the Milton community. As a not-for-profit business association, the Milton Chamber has focused its attention on “Providing leadership in promoting the well-being of the business community in Milton.” By being part of the Milton Chamber of Commerce, your membership endorses the tradition of promoting economic prosperity through customer service, fair practice and all-around business excellence.
To learn more, visit www.miltonchamber.ca

Silicon Halton

Silicon Halton, a grassroots technology community, pride themselves on making a living, making meaning, and making things happen in technology in Halton Region. They are creating a platform, on-line and in-person, to help their members connect with the hi-tech community in Halton, and create opportunities for business growth and partnerships. They provide a platform for Halton tech companies to dream, discuss, develop, test, and launch their business ideas.
To learn more, visit www.siliconhalton.ca

Business Development Bank of Canada

Business Development Bank of Canada is the only financial institution dedicated exclusively to entrepreneurs.   Our mission is to help create and develop strong Canadian business through financing, advisory services and indirect financing, with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises.
To learn more, visit  www.bdc.ca