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Useful Google Chrome extensions for entrepreneurs and small businesses

Modern browsers can be great tools to help in all sorts of day-to-day tasks and can even boost productivity – if used correctly. One of the better browsers, Google Chrome, has extensions that are free to download that can transform your simple browser into a powerful tool to accelerate your business success. A few powerful extensions for Google Chrome that can help small businesses are listed below:


A to-do list manager extension for Chrome that can also be used across devices to manage your tasks on the go. This extension allows for team collaboration in tracking projects and reminders.

Toggl Button

A productivity timer that will track your usage of any web tool. It tracks the time spent on the tools and displays the data to see where time is being wasted so you can adjust accordingly to increase work productivity. Great for any new business looking to streamline their internal processes.


This extension allows you to electronically sign PDF documents to reduce the need to print out documents and sign them by hand (not to mention scanning the signed documents!). This can be used directly in Gmail, Google Drive, or the Chrome Browser.


Want to show co-workers, customers, and clients exactly what is on your screen to make meetings easier? CrankWheel allows for an instant
screen-sharing experience from a new tab in the Chrome browser. It doesnt need to be downloaded by the other user, so displaying your screen can be done quickly and seamlessly.

Website Blocker

This tool can be used to block distracting sites on your browser so that you can focus throughout the work day. This can be set to only be on during work hours so you can still kick back and enjoy your favourite sites…after work.

These are just a few of the many helpful Google Chrome extensions you can use to help boost productivity and efficiency while starting your small business. Exploring the Chrome extension library is a great way to discover new, helpful tools!